My name’s Stella, so please don’t call me “Lee-Lee”. You can also call me Stells, like some people in the fandom have started to do. I’m a twenty-something year old woman.

I speak both Spanish and English fluently. You’ll rarely see me speaking Spanish around here though.

I first arrived into this fanfiction world after reading the Twilight saga books because I didn’t feel SM has done justice to some lots of the characters in the books -the wolves in particular. So searching around the Internet I came across with FanFiction and found a new obsession when I started reading stories about my favorite charcter in the books -Leah. I even found myself writing a story called The Two Sides of the Moon (Leah/OC).

I love creating banners! I've started in the 'business' around three years ago or more, I can't remember. My first attempt at creating graphics were blinkies. But it took so much time and work. I rarely make them anymore. So how did I start with banners you may wonder? My first banners were requests from the JBNP Art Center. I've seen there were people requesting and no one was taking those, so I thought, why not? After a couple of months, practicing, I came along with the idea of a blog where people could request banners. Then, I looked for some really talented girls (the best in my opinion), and that's how Printing Paws was borned.

I'm into other shows and books as well. I'm a geek! And no matter what, I'll always find time to come around. Twilight was my first approach in the fandom world, the only fandom where I worked on, but now, I want more and find out new challenges and things to create, so I'm open to any fandom -The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, True Blood, etc. You name it, I make it!

If you’re in need of a banner for your story, I might be your girl! So don't be shy and contact me!

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