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She doesn't write or create banners, but you all might know her anyways for her constant reviews on your stories. Yes, I'm talking about Bonnie Stewart aka Granny Wolf.

Check out this interview with her, and get to know more about Bonnie.

Q: Hi, Bonnie! You ready to get this started? How did you end up in the world of fanficiton?

A: My daughter suggested (a few years ago) that I read Twilight so we could talk about the book and characters. Needless to say, I loved SM's story, enjoyed the rest of her books and movies but felt that the wolf pack was pushed to the background. When my daughter found and told me about fanfiction, I had to check it out. I have been hooked ever since.

Q: You follow Twilight, but is there any ther fandom(s) you support?

A: I pretty much stay with Twilight but have at times checked out other fandom stories and quite a few writers' original work when I run across them.

Q: You've mentioned that your daughter got you into fanfiction. Does the rest of your family and friends know you participate in the fandom?

A: I have never been one to hide, so the answer is yes, everyone that knows me is aware of my addiction to the fandom stuff. I also like the ability to comment on a story as it is being written. I always try to give positive encouragement , when a person put themselves out there (that does take guts) I want them to continue and never give up.

Q: Well, you're very well known for that! In every story I've checked there's you, leaving some love to the author. By the way, what does a story need to grab your attention? 

A: I am definitely a HEA type, a little romance, some action.. I hate angst,but understand sometimes it is needed to move the plot along.

The ones I will read FIRST will have a twist, an angle that hasn't been done yet .. show me a different side of a character . Sometimes a pairing (you wouldn't have thought of) will bring something to the story. And do not forget the lemons (smut too.. I'm old, not dead... LOL!!)

Q: Which are your favorite fanfic stories?

A: Apologies, Closer to God, etc. by Mrstrentreznor. Moonshine, Sunshine, etc. by Evieeden. From Whirlwind to Blood and Steel by Betterintexas. LadyofSpain, Airdalegirl1 and so many more. And the first one that hooked me to the fandom... Be like Water by Toaist elf.

Check my fanfic page if you want more. Haven't read many I didn't like. LOL!!

Q: Do you have a favorite sites to check fanfic?

A: My favorite was Jacob Black and Pack (no longer open..RIP you are missed). Tricky Raven for the wonderful writers and artists that post there. One writer, Better in Texas, just opened a site and I'm still learning to navigate said site: (you're welcome, Jason!)

I do still check out Fanfiction.. though I don't like their new format as much.

Q: I'll have to check that new site soon! So you have told us about your favorite fanfics, what about books? Anything you can recommend?

A: I just finished the House of Night series by PC Cast. There are twelve books, I started with the first one (Marked) a few chapter in there “lemons” were implied so I went out and bought the next eight books (all that were in print at the time). This is in the young adult section so lemons is as bad as it gets... and that was fine because I liked the concept of humans knowing that vampires exist.

Q: I'm adding this series to my books-to-read! Now, we know you read, but have you ever thought about writing a story?

A: Oh never , I have no imagination to come up with the the sub plots needed to make the story flow.

Q: Never say never! Maybe you'll wake up one day and find the inspiration to write something! Or you could even write something that happened to you. That brings me to this next question... If the story of your life would be turned into a movie... which actress would play your part? Which other actors would you like to see in that movie? And what genre would your movie be about (romance, drama, action...)?

A: I feel that it would be an independent film/documentary of what not to do but still survive your life. I would lean toward Angelina Jolie-Pitt (she would be believable) with a side of Hugh Jackman, plus other mountains to climb *wink* *blush*

Q: That's a story worth telling! Especially if Hugh Jackman is part of it. *winks* Lol. Okay, Bonnie, it was a pleasure to have this interview with you. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life with me and all the readers out there.

If you want to leave some love to Bonnie, you can find her here:

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  1. Mrstrentreznor here,
    lovely to find out some more about one of my most thoughtful and constant reviewers. As I recall you loved 'I'll be home for Christmas' too! I know I feel so excited when I get reviews, and answering them makes me feel like I know that reader a little better.
    I've had readers - who say they have no ideas - give me great suggestions; so never say never on the writing!
    thanks again, (k)