Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today, I won't be sharing MY work... Last Monday, August 19th, was my birthday (yep, I'm already a year older)! I received some amazing banners which I wanted to showcase because they are beautiful! Have a look at these:

Banner by Cat(Rhodes11)

Banner by Lady of Spain

Banner by Kraftychik

Banner by goldengirl2707

Banner by pmu

Banner by Mmsimpy09

Banner by pmu

I want to (once again) thank everyone who sent me a message via Twitter, Facebook, email. And specially thank GG for the surprise she organized behind my back: Happy birthday, Don'tcallmeLeeLee. Thank you all!! I felt loved! Love you all! xx

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  1. They are so beautiful. If I could make one I'd send one your way too! Happy BDay!