Before submitting your request, please be sure to read through our guidelines below:

- Changes to adoption banners may only be made by me.  Adoption banners displayed on this site belong to me, and if you would like one for your story, you must request it from me. I will customize it to match your fic. None of the banners may be taken and altered without my permission.

- No duplicate banner requests:
I will not fulfill requests for stories which already have a banner or for which a banner has already been requested from another artist.

- Text changes only: 
I am happy to customize the title, author name, and any other text on an adoption banner to match your story; however, I will not alter the images, colors, or other design elements in these banners. If you require a different image or character in your banner, please request a custom banner instead of adopting one that's already been designed.

- Quotation limits: 
Feel free to include a quotation for the banner in your request; however, keep in mind that lengthy quotations may not fit well due to space constraints and overall design quality.  I will use my best judgement when determining whether a quote can be included on a banner or not.

- Attribution (credit) is required.  Although most of my work will include my signature mark, when used on any website where text can be added, please be sure to include a linked credit to the site for the design.

- 24-48 hour turnaround time. 
Please allow me up to 48 hours to customize the text on the adopted banner to match your story.

- Right of refusal.  Please remember that I volunteer my time to help you, but I am not obligated to do so.  I reserve the right to turn away any requests I feel I cannot adequately complete, as well as those with which I am not comfortable working.